Plugging mixes LP-C


       LLC “Geochem” – Russian Engineering Company, whose main line of business includes development and introduction of new drilling technologies for drilling wells of different purposes located under difficult geological conditions.

 To avoid and liquidate complications, which most often occur during drilling, we use modern eco-friendly materials for drilling, fixture and well plugging, special additives to flushing medium based on next generation polymers.

   PLUGGING MIXTURE LP-C: this is a fine powder-like dry mix, which has hydro-insulation and strengthening properties.

Application of plugging mixes LP-C enables the successful resolution of such technological and ecological tasks as:

  • Maintenance of anti-filtration screens;
  • Localization of different types of contaminations erecting geo-ecological screens;
  • Internal and external waterproofing of immersed underground structures (basements, underground mines, foundations etc);
  • Waterproofing of hydro-technical structures (reservoirs, treatment plants, flood basins, water preparation facilities), as well as structures operated in contact with sea water;
  • Soil strengthening by drying;
  • Liquidation of absorption of flushing liquid, occurring during the drilling of miscellaneous purpose wells;
  • Strengthening of unstable spaces in wells, which are prone to inrush;
  • Insulation of casing columns and separation of levels;
  • Liquidation of gryphons in flowing wells.


  After application to the problematic area it reacts with water or mud, turning into rubber-like mass, increasing in volume from 10 to 50 times within 3-5 minutes.



  1. Plugging mixes LP-C are fire and explosion resistant.



  1. As per physical and mechanical parameters the Plugging mixes LP-C comply with the requirements and norms, indicated in Table 1.

N п/п


 of indicator







Physical appearance


finely dispersed powder



From yellow-brown up to  dark grey


density, gr/sм3



рН  at  t 20°С



Index of water absorption







Plugging mix LP-1C is resistant to mineralization up to 15 g/dm3.


Plugging mix LP-4C is resistant to mineralization up to 50 g/dm3. During  storage and transportation sedimentation stratification is possible, therefore before using the plugging mix it is necessary to mix until you have a homogeneous substance. Plugging mix LP does not freeze till the temperature of -35OC. In case of drop of temperature below -10OC the mix’s viscosity is increased. There is complete reinstatement of properties after the cyclical freezing-defrosting.

Advantages of using plugging mixtures based on LP-C mixes 

Following are the main advantages:

  • Quick reaction, volume increase occurs within 3-5 minutes after contact with water;
  • Resistance to low temperatures, complete reinstatement of properties after cyclical freezing-defrosting;
  • Eco-friendliness, possibility of performing total works regarding biological re-cultivation of soil;
  • Technological usage, not requiring special equipment;
  • Wider radius of spread and lesser use of material, as compared to other materials (cements, bitumen, resin etc);
  • Good penetration capabilities;
  • Due to its structure (plugging mix based on LP-C is not a solidifying mass) it is resistant to dynamic effects, for example in places where you conduct drilling works, as well as in seismic active areas.

The PL-C Plugging mixes have successfully been used at the facilities of such companies as: JSC “Kovdorsky MPC”, JSC “Apatit”, JSC “Murmansk Geological survey Expedition”.



In order to increase production and environmental safety during construction and operation of hydraulic structures invite You to consider the possibility of applying to You jurisdictional facilities of the new technology strengthening and waterproofing of ground arrays.

This technology is applicable to address the areas of filtration and strengthening of rocks by injecting a special  Plugging  mix LP (RF Patent No. 2285713), ensures quick and reliable construction waterproofing curtains in the rocks with a complex system of fractures; tight and loose sediments; technogenic soils of different origin. Resulting in:

• greatly increases the resistance to erosion of hydraulic structures and coastal slopes and excavations (tunnels, shafts, pitwall)

• ensures the reliability and safety of the operation of the facilities by reducing the likelihood of dangerous situations that can cause catastrophic consequences;

• significantly reduced the economic costs of dewatering excavations, removal of water, and maintaining the ecological balance of the easement.

Plugging  mix LP - innovative development of Russian experts, designed for engineering hydronamic buildings and structures. Represent a fine powder with waterproofing and reinforcing the soil properties. In highly permeable soils mixture has the property of "samolecheniya". A mixture of environmentally safe for humans and the environment.

The technology is applicable for solving problems arising in complex geological conditions, as well as to prevent and eliminate unpredictable consequences associated with water, tectonic disturbances and leaching mountain ranges.

Given the positive experience of using technology on a number of large enterprises, we offer cooperation in this area for You jurisdictional facilities.


Excessive watering workspace grounds surround the building and linear structures, mining, and other objects, traditionally, in the construction and mining industries, methods are used cement isolation, or methods lead (reset) of the incoming water at the lower levels, including in underground aquifers, lowering of groundwater level and groundwater and the combination of these methods.

The most simple, technically trained, environmentally safe, technically and economically feasible and effective is an innovative way of waterproofing using viscoelastic polymer-mineral composition of LP , aqueous suspension which, with an estimated concentration of active substances that are injected into the drained area, where upon contact with the rising waters are bound waters with multiple increase of the active substance and subsequent clogging (blockage) of the pores (cracks) of the pore or fracture water conveyance array.

The composition is pumped into the zone violations in the form of 10-12 % water suspension. When the composition is injected into the zone violations, presents the unconsolidated sediments (Sands, sandy-gravity deposits and the like) or porous collector (siltstone, Sandstone and so on) is associated with the isolation of the effect of strengthening the Foundation of the (growth of the modulus of elasticity is 1.5-4 times). Provided that the stabilization of unconsolidated sediments and(or) the pores of the porous collector and the resulting increase in the bearing capacity of the Foundation due to a synergistic effect (Xin.=1,5?3,6), the value of which depends on the specific geological and technical conditions and composition of the soil Foundation.

The distinctive feature of this technology is based on the use of cement compositions is in the plastic condition of the tumors in the area of violations that are able to "self-healing"formed as a result of subsequent deformation cracks (explosions, tectonic movements, and others), the incoming portions of waters (water break). In addition, the cement composition is not able to provide reliable and durable veil because of the nature of the hydration process - duration and conditions of its occurrence (instability given to cement, the W/C ratio). This leads to a drastic increase in the consumption of cement as the cementing broken space.

However, the efficiency at the device filtration screens on the basis of polymer-mineral composition and plugging cement is not comparable. When using cement compositions for waterproofing cement consumption fold higher. When this cement stone, obtained by hydration in conditions of high water in the pore (interstitial) space, which is characterized by very low quality due to leaching of low strength and high permeability - 3?5 m/day.

A significant advantage is that it significantly reduces the number and frequency of injection wells in contrast to the traditional "cementing". The radius distribution of the composition in two to five times more than when the injection of the cement.

In addition, since the composition is produced in the form of a dry concentrate, diluted with water in a ratio of 1/10 - 1/12, significantly reduced the costs associated with the transport of material to the object.

Thus, innovative way to create impervious curtains on the basis of polymer-mineral viscoelastic compositions PL currently, the most acceptable in the prevention and elimination of watering workspace mining, grounds surround the building and linear structures, and other objects in transport, mining, construction and other industries.

This technology is successfully applied in the isolation of "zero" (underground) tanks for storage and transportation of liquid hydrocarbons and other

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